For the Memorandum of the Austrian Industry

Contribution of the "European Stock Institute" for the Education Location Europe

Modern trend times modern attitudes require. But just in the education it is so a story with the modern attitude: The professors love their old pigtails, and the brought in structures of a university are difficult to open.

Austria placed itself to the point and tried with the help of the industry, which needs the modern trained specialists to go other ways. 

As a condition the suggestions of the Bologna-Conference were taken up, and now the university education system is changed up-to-date. The universities are led like enterprises, they were privatized, and thus some old pigtails were cut off.

It is to be seen interesting, how in Austria the industrial asociation champions for a modern education. 

Starting with the president DI Dr. Werner Tessmar Pfohl from the Sattler AG right to the project manager Holger Heller all are united, that the education to the modern time must be adapted. They have a memorandum of the Austrian industry given change, which is unique in Europe and could be pioneering, in order to determine the education of the today's time for the next decades.

 We need a high quality level in the education, so that the national economies can gain again a firm foothold and the jobs become safer. Our training must adapt to the needs of the industry and not be recruited from which were correct opinions. The universities must deal faster and better with the conditions of the economy. 

The training must become more attractively, more concretely, practice closer and above all more internationally. 

The introduction of the ECTS system in the context of the modern various study offer is favourable for the studying, because now they can select their study place and in connection with the English language, they can make their conclusions in completely Europe, what the economy and everyone the individual modern expert benefits.

The realization of the two-stage study structure Bachelor & Master and in consequence the reorganization of the doctorate study is supported by many institutions. The "European Stock Institute" in Salzburg follows the Austrian industriellen association, supports this modern education and certifies these transnational programs of the individual universities and educational facilities.

The reorganization on Bachelor and Masters conclusions offers the chance,
to internationalize the study offer further,
 to shorten study times actually, 
 to embody more practice proximity into the individual study plans,
 to increase the flexibility and variety of the study offer as well as its orientation at the
       needs of the learning, 

 to increase the mobility of studying and 
 to make the conclusions internationally comparable.

The ESI supports the consistent conversion to the new, internationally recognized conclusions and requests the educational facilities and the national authorities in Europe to regard this conversion also as chance of uniform training in Europe and to use this strategically for its economics.

By the internationalization and the introduction of the exhaustive system of point of achievement on the basis of modular study offers the mobility of the studying is promoted and made possible also for those a further training, who stand in the occupation and cannot leave this. The ECTS-points correspond to the international requirements and the international acknowledgment of the Bachelor & Master training will ensure in complete Europe. 

The Austrian Industial Association demands the development of Bachelor- & Mastercourses of studies, which can be taken up after a professional activity of several years and can be occupation-accompanying finished. It should be worked towards a simple reentrance (under the abatement of in the occupation acquired qualifications and authority) in the study, a modularity of the offer and the employment of e-teaching and e-learning in the interest of the employed learning. The ESI follows these demands 100% and extends it still by the requirement to the fact, that the Master programs may be put down also in English language in entire European area. Thus we go a step further on the way of the internationalization and the intercultural employment of each individual country.

Thereby the ESI appeals in particular to the new European Union members and those, who want to become membership to obtain their knowledge also in English and to permit Bachelor & Master conclusions also in this language, so that their knowledge in old Europe is recognized and can obtain the entitled value. 

By the globalization of Europe the new members of the European union will be still faster possible to participate of the know-how and the knowledge transfer of Europe, if they understand it to fulfill the demands placed against them.