„European Stock Institute " in the sense of the European integration and people communication

A psychological view by Professor Dr. Dr.h.c. Klauspeter Feller


If human being from his safe social matrix is released, into a strange environment is sublimated, where none the necessary mirror responses and no idealizable values are to be found, then can one its need after a constant operational readiness level of a psychologically feeding self object environment with the continuous existing need after an oxygen-containing environment compare. It is a relatively mute need, whose becomes clearly conscious one only then if it is not any longer satisfied and one e.g. in a rough environment only under pain can breathe.

That does not only apply for humans, who live abroad, wants to study or work. Each human is somewhere strange.  The new, our time, should be another, than those, which we all know. The stock exchange human being is to step into a subjective perspective which can be organized again. He will want to satisfy his self object needs in this, in our time. He must get here a surrounding field made available, in which he finds its idealizable values, then he feels doing good in his whole himself, with all the goals and ambitions confirmed. He will feel strongly and paradoxically also relatively self-assuredly, selfly-sufficient and autonomous. If he then still another same human meets, who feel due to the same conditions, how he acts in the stock exchange world, with him fateful connected, in this people community any longer he will not feel alone.He will then the surrounding field along-created by the "ESI" no more than strangely, or even as hostile to experience, indifferently we are to him as friendly.

The foundation of this vision of the European Stock Institute is the intersubjective referringness of the experiences, because subjective experiences can be divided with others, if the psychological separationness is not questioned by himself and others.

Isolation, psychological and physical isolation is the surface soil of the fear, on this soil grows as well known the aggression. Straight in the stock exchange transaction is always connected with the aggression the self referringness, the self-assertion and the self over-estimation. That we want to prevent, because we stand for an Europe, in which we want to arrange the stock exchange world  transparent, understandable and fear-loose.

We as "ESI" want to demonstrate to you the conception of the communityby itself and other ones pervasively. This is generally always an active psychological construction, never may a passive inability dominate (i.e. on understandable German:  "If you participate at our seminars, you must cooperate actively!")

The experiences in the community of the European market speculators, collected with "ESI", form durable healthy components of the mental and economical landscape, which are understood constantly in the positive advancement.

Studying in Europe - living in a strange country – acquiring international knowledge  - however anywhere not to be strangely - included the "European Stock Institute" wants to help in the next years.

Yours sincerely

Professor Dr. Dr.h.c. Klauspeter Feller