Stock exchange and psychology, who knows himself already out?

The people, which set at the stock exchange, can afford it.
"If I one see and get know him in such a way,I am inspired  by him, because he is which, he is who" - in such a way it said to me a patient forwards not all to long time.

Today he is in treatment, because het wanted to belong to it. He wanted to be, as "they", speculates in his money and in the money of others, he wanted his play passion to realize, on the parquet of the stock exchange.

His self value feeling has, by the presence of an imaginary operational readiness level at the pulse impact of the time, by the satisfaction to deal with the terms profit and loss and with it to belong to it, strongly won.

He has himself, completely simply said, overestimated. His play passion came now only correctly to the course. His self value feeling developed into a self over-estimation out, and thus het could not act no more reality.

His same pass said, he cannot not lose, because he hears on inside informations, which are intended for him only. Now a completely simple self over-estimation was added, and see there - the crash came. Who can only believe that inside informations are made only for him? If were so easy, none would lose more at the stock exchange and would only be everyone the winner. Winners are always those, who know, about what they talk, in addition, losses, which hurt, happen to those. But these people can deal with it.

As the market economist André Kostolany said: "Remaining you calmly, also the stock exchange calms down again."

But can that an investor, if its economic existence hangs on it? Who can act still reality-consciously if he is on the loser route?  How can he bear that? What makes his psyche with him?

He is on hunt, his subconsciousness signals the profit, naturally strikes the game, which he hunts, hooks. So also the stock exchange. Thus he is still on the winner side, his subconsciousness registered not the danger, because it wants to hear not on the subconsciousness, and takes so much large risks.

Some people have themselves the stock exchange as "hunt after the luck" selected. They play hunters, and the profits, which make they, is the game. Our hunting instincts, which we possess, that often arise in our subconsciousness, again waked. Everyone of us is a hunter. Whether we drive sport,look after women or strive at the stock exchange after the profits. We hunt around us, in order to increase our self value feeling to satisfy the Ego.

Now it concerns the dear money, which needs here everyone.

It gives two species of stock exchange speculators, the professionals and the amateurs.
The professionals act after the learned and by experience strengthened guidelines, times out of the belly, which occurs rarely, and after that, as it prescribes the stock exchange.
The amateurs, that are the psychopaths. They are the alleged winners, because they increase their self value feeling, by put in a word at the stock exchange. It increases still more in rising measure, if they made once profit. Nothing is as defective at the stock exchange as the exaggerated self value feeling turned out from the balance. The over-estimation of this feeling leads automatically to a neurosis and rings thereby the fall completely into the cellar.

Now we have our patient, who does not come with himself and the environment clearly. Often these conflicts - self value feeling and loss – take place at home. The family gets feeling the aggressions of the loser , because he must solve his internal conflicts again. By aggressions against innocent ones and also against objects he reacts off his grind.

In this dilemma the loser tries his hunting instinct unconsciously with his inhibitions to agree somehow. That hunting instinct, which he cannot realize, because he could not place the game, has no satisfaction found and looks now for a valve.

Unstable humans should leave thus the fingers of the stock exchange games and not go on this parquet. The economic aspects are also not to be despised thereby, because only who the risks knows, will be able to deal with the stock exchange transactions.

Dr.  Dr. h.c. Klauspeter Feller

Professor for psychology