11. -12. March 2005

Economics congress under the title "economic liberty" of the international Paneuropa Union

As speakers will among other appear:

  • Dr. Otto von Habsburg, Honorary president of the Paneuropa union

  • Dr. Richard Schenz, Vice-president WKOe

  • Professor Edwin Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundatiion

  • Dipl. Kfm. Ralf von Hohenau, President of the European tax number federation

  • Taavi Veskimägi, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Estonia

  • Peter Jungen, President "European Enterprise Institute"

  • Dr. Paul Rübig, MEP, President SME-Union-Global

Together with other organizations the congress is organized, whose goal is it among other things, to create in Europe a zone of the economic liberty.