Welcome to the European Stock Institute!


Europe grows together more and more. The capital markets in the end have not reorganized by the expansion fo the European Union at 01.05.2004 and they are developing particularly in the new eastern EU-countries.

The European Stock Institute is the association of the listed companies and other at the capital market interested corporations and institutions and as well the shareholder.


Our goal is to encourage the share and other comparable securities and to raise the acceptance at private clients, institutional investors and companies in the European Union and in Europe.


Also we are presented as a communicative and informative interface between capital searching companies and capital investors, whose shares are traded as listed securities, as over-the-counter-market or are placed as a privat block of shares.


Independent and without profit orientation the European Stock Institute is engaged in all social levels, in political and enonomic environment, for stock culture in Europe. We are representing as a mediator of knowledge, contacts and economic perspective customers, a communication- and education platform. In this way we are informing about advantages – but also about the possible financial risk – of the share as a instrument of investment and financing.


On our websites we make available a persective of our sphere of activity and our most recent publications. Here you will receive quickly and uncomplicately important informations of the financial market Europe. Further we are at hand to our membersas a service enterprice.


We are giving no projections and analyses to the market situation or to single companies. Also we do not  judge the falling and rising rates of single bonds.


We wish you much pleasure with our internet-offer.